Amazon Quarterly Report


On behalf of the W|W Community, we would like to thank you for your support. The following is a summary of the work that W|W has been doing in the Amazon region over the last quarter.

Impact Summary:


This September, W|W traveled to three different communities along the Amazon river. In Puerto Allegría, our team put a lot of work in trying to rehabilitate one of the wells. Despite our efforts, we were unable to due to a cracked casing. In response, we conducted a community wide filter presentation/distribution and hygiene & sanitation training. With these filters, the people of this village can now safely, and with confidence, drink the water of the Amazon River. 

Despite previous challenges, We had success in rehabilitating a well for the people of Rhonda and also provided filter presentations/ distributions to Chineria, a village that we have had on-going projects in. Over this past year our relationship with these villages is growing deeper & deeper. Along with this, our team has developed greatly in deleivering effective filter trainings. Just this quarter our National Program Manager, Jhonny Anderson, has also traveled to Cuba & Puerto Rico to provide additional filter training to those in need.

Project Background: 

The largest portion of the Amazon River and surrounding rain forest runs through Colombia, Peru and Brazil. While the river is the primary water source for many people living in this region, it is highly contaminated with boat pollution, human waste and artificial waste. As a result, many people suffer from infectious diseases such as bacterial diarrhea. Communities rely on wells for cleaner drinking water, but during the rainy season, when the river rises and causes floods, wells are often underwater and inaccessible. Wine To Water is working to construct platforms to protect the wells during floods.

WTW is continuing to work with well rehabilitation, implementing Sawyer pointONE filtration systems and education about sanitation and hygiene in the Amazon region

Access to clean water is a joyful experience.
Community members work constructing a well in the Amazon

Community members work constructing a well in the Amazon

Children enjoy the water of a repaired well in the Amazon

Children enjoy the water of a repaired well in the Amazon

Mr. Ny works serving communities across Cambodia constructing latrines and drilling wells for those in need.

Field Note #137: Three Wells in Six Days

"My first trip with Wine To Water, the thought kept popping in my head… It is a ten day trip to the Amazon, four of which are devoted to travel, what can I possibly accomplish in six days?"... READ THE COMPLETE FIELD NOTE HERE

-Thank you for your support
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