Community, Cause, and Cocktails


Community, Cause, and Cocktails

A Reflection of the W|W Soirée

Field Note #228


The first of June brought a lot of excitement for all of Wine To Water HQ. Just below our Boone office, Ransom Pub was packed full with new and old friends of W|W as the 4th Annual Clean Water Benefit and Soirée finally came to pass. Chapter leaders were conversing over drinks, family and friends of staff shared meals and memories, while Doc Hendley returned to his roots behind the bar, serving drinks and sparking conversation.

It was a special event for all who attended, but most especially for W|W Donor Relations Coordinator Courtney Mattar. Surrounded by the community she loved in a place so close to her heart, Courtney couldn’t help but marvel over how far the soirée had come since its inception four years prior. Where the event had once began organically in partnership with the High Country Chapter and Blowing Rock Country Club, it has since evolved alongside W|W itself.

Courtney Mattar rocking her cocktail attire!

Courtney Mattar rocking her cocktail attire!


This year was the first time that the soirée took place in our very own facility, sharing the space with our partners at Ransom Pub. The new setting allowed for W|W to invite guests into our very own home of sorts, making the event and connections made all the more special. Not only that, but this was also the first year that we featured our award winning film and a live auction!

During the 20 minutes the film “I Can. I Do.” was premiering, all conversation had ceased. The bar was completely silent, and all eyes were fixed on the television screens with rapt attention. Courtney noted how she could see people being moved by the stories and messages shared. One reaction she couldn’t forget was from Leslie Cuthbert’s parents. As they watched their daughter on screen, the pride was evident in their shimmering eyes and smiles. Much of the crowd was inspired in similar ways. By the time the live auction and bidding came around, attendees were wired with energy and inspired to make a difference.

Auctioneer Jesse Miller raising the stakes!

Auctioneer Jesse Miller raising the stakes!


“My favorite part of the night was the live auction,” says Courtney. “Seeing people hold up their hands, their hearts moved to be that generous and give… it was overwhelming, but fun and exciting! All these people coming together really showed how everyone can do their part and have a collective impact.”

Without the speedy and fun energy of Auctioneer Jesse Miller and the incredible participation of our community, W|W could not have reached our fundraising goal of $25,000. With these funds contributed by so many inspired individuals, new clean water projects in areas like East Africa and Myanmar can now be empowered to make a greater difference in the world.


The soirée was the perfect embodiment of the W|W community. People from all over the country traveled to attend, giving their time to be a part of something bigger with a community driven to make a difference. The success of this event could not have been possible without the love and passion of all who attended and volunteered.

It was just a true example of community.
— Courtney Mattar

Courtney and all of W|W are excited to see how the soirée continues to grow and evolve to match the change our community is working to create in the world. We are excited for new partnerships and relationships that will bring new and old friends to future events, where we can all share the impact we have together while simply enjoying one another’s company.

Thank you for everyone who attended and allowed us to share our community with you. We hope to see you again next year!

Carsyn Bernhardt