Field Note #17: Interview with Amy Frank


Amy is a girl overcoming all odds and making a difference!

Our lives can change at any moment, without warning, and in startling ways. When such a change happens, we can either embrace it, or let it get the best of us. Amy is a 19 year old woman who has faced incredible challenges. After losing her leg in a car accident, Amy gets around with a prosthesis.  But Amy is still living her life to the fullest, and has even made it a personal mission to give back and help to those in need through Wine To Water.


Amy discovered Wine To Water through a class she took at Texas A&M. After reading Doc Hendley’s book, she and some other students wanted to make Wine To Water part of their college life. So they decided to make their own university chapter, and spread the word about Wine To Water at their school.

After the Texas A&M chapter was established, Amy and her peers decided they wanted to go on a volunteer trip together as a class. Their trip to Costa Rica was, according to Amy, was their first “big step as a chapter.” The trip changed Amy’s life in a way she never could have imagined.

“Not having access to clean water, or to any water at all, seemed crazy and unimaginable to me until I became a part of Wine To Water,” said Amy,  “Wine To Water has opened my eyes and showed me there is a world water problem.” Amy grew up in Texas, and the trip to Costa Rica was her first trip outside of the U.S., so the problems she saw made a deep impact on her. “The trip showed me that there are bigger issues in this world than I realized,” she said.


In Costa Rica, Amy became close with Wine To Water’s volunteer coordinator, Lisa. Lisa and Amy bonded over their drive to serve others and desire to change the world for the better. Lisa shared with Amy her experiences traveling around the world with Wine To Water, and about the people she’d met along the way. “I hope that one day I can have the same drive she does and that I can help make a difference in the world the way she does now,” said Amy.

Wine To Water also showed Amy how much of an impact an individual can truly have.  “I've always wanted to do more with my life than to just live for myself and my family,” she said,  “I've always wanted to do something bigger, that actually impacted someone else and helped to change their life for the better.” Amy expressed her joy at being able to help others, and how it has changed her own life in the process. “Being a part of Wine To Water, I can now do that, and be humbled afterwards that I am starting to make a change.”

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Amy went on her second trip with Wine To Water in July, 2016, where she travelled to Nepal. After visiting Costa Rica, Amy said she wanted to go on her next trip “immediately, but I had to finish the semester and summer classes first.” Amy plans to work with her university chapter to get the word out about Wine To Water and the global water crisis. Her goal is to take a trip every summer if she can, and says she would like to travel to either Cambodia or the Amazon next. We are proud and honored to have Amy on the Wine To Water team, she is someone who truly does not let anything slow her down!

-Wine To Water