Field Note #101: Community of Love and Purpose


It's been six months since I returned home from Nepal. While I've been watching another team in Chitwan via social media and longing to be there, a letter arrived in the mail today. My letter from me to me reminding myself of my experience. I wrote to myself:

Don't forget. Don't let this experience be wasted. This experience, coming to Nepal, being hands on with the people, the culture and the water crisis was a mile-marker, a game changer, a heart revitalizar and something that you want to change from...Something that you want to look back on say then, it was then that you saw, that your eyes were opened, your heart changed. There, that you met the Lord, that you met your purpose and yourself. Joy does not come from from what you have or lack thereof. Joy comes from true community with God, with living out your purpose in community for His glory. Moving forward I am choosing joy. I am choosing service in community and in love. I am choosing to live in a perspective of one that remembers what lasting joy and true community looks like. I am choosing to have that be my heart motivation in all that I do.

I can say confidently that I am still choosing these things. While it's been a bumpy road at times, I stop and come back to the why--why do I do what I do. In asking myself this question, it reorients my heart to the how of doing it and motivates all of what I am doing. Leading Raleigh Chapter in a community built of love and purpose is an honor, and I am so thankful for my Wine To Water family. In all that we do, let love motivate our hearts of service.

- Sarah, Wine To Water Raleigh Chapter