Field Note #104: Resilience in the Amazon


I returned from the Amazon about a week ago. It is one of those territories for me that blows my mind every time I am there. The uniqueness and enormity of the Amazon Jungle and its river is something to behold and experience.

What is most fascinating to me is how people have become so integrated with the surroundings. The fact is, the Amazon is a hard place to live. Between the rising and ebbing of the massive river and its banks, the contrast of rain and heat and the continuous presence of bugs and animals, the Amazon is seemingly a test of human grit. I see this grit, along with resilience, love and determination in the people I am fortunate to meet while working there. Amongst all the wonderful things in the jungle, the people are what make it most special.

For the opportunity to know the people of the Amazon, in addition to the staggering beauty of the place, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of with Wine To Water. It is something I will always cherish and hope others can experience for themselves.

- David, Wine To Water CEO