Field Note #106: 12 Years Wait for Water is Over


For a small village of 18 houses, the wait has ended. Faces with new hopes, excitement, expectations and happiness were seen. The 12 years wait for water was over in this small community called Padampur when the local community and Wine To Water came together. After digging 71 feet deep tube-well, they succeeded in getting water for the people living here.

It wasn’t a normal day when Wine To Water stepped in this village. They talked with them and found the severe need. However, they received doubt, hesitation, disbelief and uncertainty from the village. Still, W|W decided to support them in bringing water, which is a basic yet the most important universal human right. Small children, instead of going to school, walk half an hour with jerricans and pots (gagris) in their hands to fetch water for their daily needs. The village is mostly “low-caste” people, which means getting water in another community was not easy.

Nepal is known as the water tower of South Asia. More than 6,000 fresh water rivers are present in Nepal. While water is here in abundance, the reality is quite different. Nepal stands on the brink of a water crisis. More and more of freshwater sources are being used and contaminated. And the recent massive earthquake resulted in the drying up of the existing sources.

The village Padampur now has one community tube-well near to their doorsteps. Children are now seen going to schools and playing in the field, rather than waiting on a long queue of water in another community. Small kitchen gardens are found in front of their houses, clothes are being washed every day, people are cleaner than before, and new houses are built in this village. The tube-well was constructed for 18 houses, however after one year, 7 new houses have been built and one small store.

The wait is over.

On this World Water Day we need to seriously act on this global water crisis. We are not only called to identify the alternative sources (waste water treatment etc), but also to conserve and preserve our existing natural resources.

- Roshani, Wine To Water Nepal