Field Note #123: Impact in Cambodia


We are building a latrine in Nhor that will benefit 4 families, 17 people in all.  Numbers like this are awesome, imagine the impact it would have in your life if after years of no toilets inside or outside the home someone helped you share the cost of a latrine. Privacy and improved sanitation all help to make a community and a family realize their dreams. 

We also visited a family that Kone Kmeng met in 2012, the lady, and her children were very poor when they provided her a micro loan. The store she owns is a good size, we arrived and she brought out chairs for all, then loaded us up with snacks and drinks refusing to let us pay. Her gratitude was evident in the brilliance of her smile. 

Their church recently closed so Pastor will be working to get some land she will provide to build a small covering So the community can have church services again. I love Pastor, he does not speak English but has such a heart for the Khmer people.


- Yvette