Field Note #124: Lives Changing in Jarabacoa, DR


This week our team went into a rural part of a community called Jarabacoa in the Dominican Republic. We conducted follow ups in seven different houses, the first follow up we've been able to do since their distribution six months ago. I was a little nervous about what we would find since there was such a large gap between the distribution and the follow up. What we found, though, was so encouraging! Every house we went into was using their filter and, as we talked about their experience with the filter, we heard incredible reviews and stories of lives changing. The families were cleaning their filters correctly, and each one shared how their health had significantly improved as a result of drinking clean water.

I was reminded this week of the "why" behind what we do. Children can go to school, moms can buy the medicine they need, and families can enjoy life more. I saw eyes light up as people responded to the question, "how has this filter improved your life?" They couldn't wait to share their stories, those moments will stay with me forever.


- Lizzy, DR International Intern