Field Note #129: Reconnecting in the Amazon


I met Libni back in December with a volunteer team. We spent seven days and seven nights in his community of Puerto Allegria, Peru. I didn't realize it at first, but this tiny - but strong - little guy was making a huge impact on all of us with his constant presence.  

Libni was always helping us with materials for the well, and he even prepared a WASH lesson for his school! We were all sad when we couldn't find him to say goodbye on our last day in the community. Turns out, he's a top scholar and was doing some extra schooling that morning. It wasn't until the flight home from the Amazon, while looking through my camera reel, that I noticed he had been with us every moment of our time there since we had arrived, except for the very last day.

In May, we were able to do a follow-up in Puerto Allegria and catch up with our buddy Libni! The three of us in the group who had met him in December were excited to see him (and the rest of the sweet children there, but we were all a little biased). We found him immediately happy and healthy as ever. We learned that he had been competing and winning a lot of competitions at his school. His mom was unbelievably proud to share her son's accolades.  

Children in the regions that we serve are so unbelievably joyful, full of life and some of the sweetest souls you'll ever meet. But, there are always one or two in each village that stand out amongst the rest. Libni will forever be one of my reasons for returning to the Amazon. I look forward to seeing him grow.


- Kaylie, Volunteer Coordinator