Field Note #137: Three Wells in Six Days


My first trip with Wine To Water, the thought kept popping in my head… It is a ten day trip to the Amazon, four of which are devoted to travel, what can I possibly accomplish in six days? Now looking back, I feel very thankful to have joined a team that not only opened up three wells that had not worked in years, but we did it with a day to spare. So now 500-600 villagers have access to clean water in their village.

I remember when we first arrived I would often wake up early in the morning and walk around the village to see how folks started their day. I could see first-hand the villagers taking buckets down to the river to get their water. Now, with a little elbow grease on the pump handle, they will be able to bring back buckets of clean drinking water for their children.  

The children were amazing. With finishing our projects early, we were able to spend time with the kids doing arts and craft projects that we had brought from home.  Spending time with the children was a highlight that I had not expected. So what can you accomplish in six days? Turns out, with the right team, you can accomplish more than I ever imagined.


- Brad