Field Note #138: Finding Wonder in the Amazon


Before leaving for the Amazon I asked the Lord to push me out of my comfort zone and into a place of wonder like when I first found Him. I didn't expect that He would deliver in such an extraordinary way.

I love everything about the sky. Sunrises, sunsets, stormy days, cloudy days and especially stars. They're always different and they all amaze me. On the way to Santa Cecilia, I saw my first sunset on the Amazon and was amazed. The way the sun reflected off the water and the glow that was all around us went by so quickly I was almost disappointed. But then the stars came and they didn't stop coming. I hung around the head of the boat for nearly an hour, just watching the stars, counting the shooting stars and watching them reflect off of the water. It was beautiful and words will never do it justice.

Every night when we came out of the home that someone was letting us use as a kitchen, I would look up at the Milky Way and praise the Lord for creating such a beautiful thing and allowing me to see it. When I think back to those stars, my heart races a little and I lose my breath. My wonder was restored in the middle of the jungle and I'll never forget that special place.


- Alden, Volunteer Coordinator Intern

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