Field Note #141: Serving Together in Nepal


Wine to water volunteers will never cease to impress me. People who have ‘everything’ back home give up ten days to come and work. I mean really work. A volunteer stated on this last trip that he could not pay people to come and work so hard.

What did we work so hard for? We worked to help give people in need clean water. We worked to serve a village that now has become part of the Wine To Water community. A community that believes in serving the people in it. We serve them by encouraging each other, picking up a shovel when others can not, getting dirty, laughing instead of complaining and showing everyone that it is better to serve together then serve ourselves.

The villagers and volunteers always show me a new picture of this community. The July team came in ready to give their best for Dahakhani. We dug trenches and worked on a few tap stands. Volunteers smiled through the sweat, rain, blisters and mud to accomplish every task we had for each day. The villagers came alongside us and helped us in every step of the process. This the third volunteer trip that took place in Dahakhani, and the village sees the Wine To Water Nepal staff as family. The volunteers are adopted into the family every time they come to the village. Villagers are quick to help them whenever they see a volunteer struggling--whether it is teaching proper tool techniques, offering soap to help clean off mud from our clothes or offering rice wine to bring a little joy to the work. This is what Wine To Water is all about. Trying to call out the good things in all people. No matter language, religion or background. We can all do things to better the lives of people around us.


-Pavan, Nepal IPM