Field Note #149: We Can Fill Buckets


Let’s face it: the Global Water Crisis is something that Westerners have a hard time fully comprehending. We do not have to travel miles down a dirt path to get ourselves a glass of water, nor do we have to go to the community well and pump out a bucket of clean water by hand for our family each day. We have clean drinking water served right out of the tap, at virtually no cost, in our own homes and in every single restaurant. We also have the option to take long hot showers everyday; it’s a resource that we can definitely take for granted.

This is why the Volunteer Program at Wine To Water was established. Nearly 4 years ago, in January 2014, we launched the volunteer program to deepen our understanding of what our planet is facing in regards to this precious resource: water. We wanted to invite our supporters to come and see first-hand how the water crisis is affecting 2 billion people worldwide.

Statistics typically go in one ear and out the other, but experiences can last a lifetime. I can tell you that every 19 seconds a child dies from a waterborne illness, yet after 38 seconds, we haven’t really grasped that two children are no longer breathing.  But when we see some of these statistics with our own eyes, it is inevitable that we will want to do something about it.

As the Volunteer Program Director for Wine To Water, I want to personally invite you to join us in the field. We are currently offering service trips to five countries, around the globe, throughout the year. You can come as an individual or as an organized group. As our founder Doc Hendley says, “My efforts are going to be a drop in the bucket, but if I would have never taken that step, because it was too big of a problem, then we wouldn’t be anywhere right now.” Together, we can fill buckets!  Come, join us!


- Lisa, Volunteer Program Director

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