Field Note #163: Nathan's Filter Build


Fifth-grader Nathan went with his mom to a Wine To Water filter build and said he was "amazed by how many kids around the world don't have access to clean water." Because of that, Nathan decided to hold a filter build at his church. Below is what Nathan had to say about the filter build and his experience with Wine To Water. 

I raised money to hold a filter build at my church with my Sunday school class and I am preparing a presentation for my school about Wine To Water. When I did the filter build with my Sunday school class, I wasn’t sure how into it the kids would be, but EVERYONE wanted to try the water that had been put through the filter! That was pretty cool.

I never really thought about all the kids in other countries who might not be able to turn on the faucet and get clean drinking water. I just took it for granted that clean water would always be available, so it’s nice to work with an organization that is doing something to make that happen. [I know] that the filters we build actually get used by people around the world. [I know] that these people will have them for a long time. And that something so simple for us to do is making a big impact on other people’s lives. It would be great if Wine To Water could help everyone around the world have access to clean water all the time. 

-Nathan, filter build superstar