Field Note #182 Angelie

A volunteer reflection on an impactful experience with Angelie, a young girl living in Majhuwa, Nepal. 


Passing stone after stone down the line, we all stood ankle deep in mud-- every inch of our bodies covered in this dark, gooey grime. But surrounded by so many strong women, I have never felt such a sense of pure, raw joy. Their strength and determination is unbelievable. And as I hand another stone to my left, I burst into laughter with one of my new friends: Anjelie.

Earlier that day, I was able to learn more about her and all she does to support her family through the help of our translator, Bhumika, a W|W Nepal intern.

Anjelie is sixteen years old and although she is one of the youngest I have met so far, she is one of the strongest. In eighth grade she, along with many of her friends, had to stop going to school so that to support their families. She told us that leaving school was the only way she was able to help her younger siblings and mother. Every day she wakes up before the sun rises and walks miles to get water for cooking and cleaning. She prepares breakfast for everyone at home, tends to their livestock and crops, and continues to do work around the house until it’s time to make dinner. At such a young age she does so much. But when I asked about what the new water system will mean for her and her community, her face lit up. She is so excited about the impact this project will have on her community. So much opportunity lives in this project. 

This day has shown me that although we come from different backgrounds and speak completely different languages, we can all come together and connect through a commonality: laughter and love. These beautiful people from Nepal have given me so much insight into life and all that we can learn from each other while going on the unknown journey of living.

Though we were there to help them access something so vital, the people of Nepal have given me so much more than I could have ever imagined.


Namaste-- McKinnley Cox, W|W volunteer