Field Note #184: Our Friends at Autodesk

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Allow us to introduce Autodesk, a technology company based in California that is striving to design and create a better world. You may recall from a previous field note that Autodesk hosted 19 filter builds in office locations around the globe, producing a combined total of 2,172 water filters for their 4th annual Global Month of Impact.

Every May, Autodesk partners with organizations that use sustainable technology to solve a variety of global issues. The project was founded by the desire to strengthen the Autodesk community, connect with like-minded organizations, and create a lasting global impact.

“Sustainable solutions are of paramount importance,” says Seth Chanin, Employee Impact Engagement Manager at Autodesk. Not interested in short-term solutions, the Autodesk Sustainability & Foundation team was impressed by Wine To Water’s technology and commitment to implementing long-term solutions using local resources and knowledge.

In addition to hosting numerous filter builds with Wine To Water this year, Autodesk also served with Save The Bay, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving, protecting, and restoring the San Francisco Bay. Chanin praised the organization for its community-based wetland restoration program after Autodesk helped transplant 10,000 seedlings.

Although Autodesk is passionate about serving alongside other organizations, they are also dedicated to producing their own sustainable technology. Autodesk’s Impact program utilizes company tools to design technology capable of solving environmental and social issues while also providing learning services for their technology in the field. The Autodesk Foundation is also involved with direct grant-making, providing for an extensive number of like-minded organizations.

Autodesk cares greatly for the communities and customers they partner with and serve, as well as the growth and empowerment of their employees. “Serving with one another on such powerful projects builds a sense of comraderie, better purpose, and connects their work to impact in a tangible way,” says Chanin. The Autodesk team holds itself to a high standard when they come together to make a difference. Whether they are arriving at a filter build or seeding a restoration site, they come excited, engaged, and even a little competitive. Chanin informs that his employees are eager to see their impact, because they believe and know that their work is worth something and making a difference.

Our employees want to do more. They’re thirsty for it.
— Seth Chanin

Wine To Water is always grateful for organization’s like Autodesk that are so ready to serve and make a difference in the world. We are excited to see what else they will do through their Impact program and where their passion will take their company alongside us in our shared efforts to make the world a better place.

- Carsyn Bernhardt, W|W writing intern

Carsyn Bernhardt