Field Note #185: New Projects in Nepal

An update from International Fellow, Pavan Mudiam

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 2.14.52 PM.png

As our project in Riatole came to an end, the Madi municipality in Nepal identified the Majhuwa and Ramrajyapur communities as candidates for new Wine To Water filtration projects.

These communities are nestled deep in the jungles of Nepal, on either side of a seasonal river. In areas as close to river beds as these, there are always complications. For instance, the river caused water damage in both communities during Nepal’s monsoon season.

Wine To Water isn’t the first organization to begin water projects in these communities. Over the past few years, a number of projects have been initiated, but failed due to complications with the river. This gives us all the more reason to put our best effort toward this new project!

Our Technical Advisor in Nepal, Guneshwar Mahato, is in the process of designing a system that he believes will succeed where others have failed. We have had meetings with community members to discuss the project and have formed a committee for water usage. The project will be more complicated than our last project in Raitole, but we believe so strongly that these ninety-eight households are in such dire need of water systems that will last, that we are up for the challenge.

Our rough plan for the system begins by capturing water from a natural spring near the community. The water will be contained by layers of concrete rings submerged under ground. The water will then be piped from the concrete rings to an intake site from a previous water system. The intake tank will undergo renovations to ensure that a landslide or the river itself will not damage the structure. In order to do this, the walls of the tank will be increased and the tank will be renovated to the point where the technicians feel that it is secure. The water will then travel from the intake tank up to an old reservoir tank, which holds an estimated 8,000 liters. From the reservoir, water will travel to a new 20,000-25,000 liter tank on the hills above the two communities.

As a protective measure, this larger tank will be placed in an area with many trees, as the communities have had problems with erosion on the hillside; Placing the tank in a secure spot is of utmost importance to ensure the sustainability of the system. Once water is in the reservoir tank, it will be distributed through pipes to a sectional valve chamber, which will split the distribution of water between Majhuwa and Ramrajyapur.

In addition, each household will have their own personal tap - it will be the first time either of these communities has had a suitable and reliable water source!

The plan is not yet set-in-stone, as our team has to come up with a proper technical design plan, complete with schematics, materials, and labor costs. However, this is the rough idea for a possible solution. If our technical advisor feels that the plan will not work or that the community members aren’t receptive to the project, we will assess a new plan of action. A new plan could require a system similar to that in Raitole with deep-boring and a pumping system to get water to the reservoir tank.  

But either way, this story comes down to the fact that these communities need a water system and Wine To Water will support them as much as possible so that we can ensure that the need is fulfilled.