Field Note #186: "Never Stop Exploring"


Back in April, David Cuthbert recently visited The North Face headquarters in California, where he was able to talk about the work Wine To Water is doing to fight the world water crisis. The same day, the North Face team hosted a filter build that sponsored enough filters to bring clean water to more than 500 people.

David stopped to consider the company’s motto of “Never Stop Exploring”. Seeing the impact that The North Face was willing to make with Wine To Water, David realized the motto went beyond seeking new adventures. Through the company’s dedication to sustainable products and practices, along with the care they take in environmental and human initiatives, it was apparent to David that “Never Stop Exploring” was also intended for the greater good. The North Face challenges its employees, partners, and customers to “go far” and seek adventures not only for oneself, but for the chance to make a difference. Renan Ozturk, one of The North Face’s many company athletes, acts as a strong example for this call to action.

Renan is an American rock climber best known for climbing the Shark’s Fin route on Mount Meru in the Himalayas. He documented this experience in his Netflix documentary entitled “Meru” and continues to create adventure films with his creative partner, Taylor Rees. Although Renan is highly dedicated to seeking adventure, he and his partner also pursue greater meaning by including humanitarian and environmental concentrations in their films.

Recently, Wine To Water had the unique opportunity to share time and conversation with Renan in our Boone headquarters while he was in town for the Banff Film Festival.  It is quite clear that Renan, like many of The North Face Athletes, goes further than just exploration with the intent to make the world better along the way.   

Renan visits Wine To Water in March, 2018.

Renan visits Wine To Water in March, 2018.

Like many TNF athletes, Renan leaves his mark on the world by sharing the stories of his adventures and going where no one has gone before. Wine To Water is excited to be developing a partnership with an organization that shares our passion for adventure, sustainability, and impact. We support The North Face in its dedication to never stop exploring, and we challenge our own community to go far with us on our own adventure of impacting the lives of others with clean water.

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- Carsyn Bernhardt, W|W writing intern

Carsyn Bernhardt