Field Note #189: Building Filters with Grand Circle Foundation

Image Courtesy of Boston CityBizList

Image Courtesy of Boston CityBizList

Back in early June, Grand Circle Foundation celebrated its 60th anniversary at its annual gathering, held at their Pinnacle Leadership Center in Kensington, NH. In order to show their dedication to providing clean water and to celebrate their big anniversary in a meaningful way, Grand Circle Foundation partnered with Wine To Water in a filter build to construct 1,000 filters that are currently being distributed to communities around the globe. 

Wine to Water's filter builds provide a fun and interesting atmosphere for organizations, corporations, and groups to learn more about the Global Water Crisis while building filters that will be given to people who need them the most. These filters are easy to build in just ten steps and filter out 99% of bacteria and other impurities found in local water sources. Each build provides a unique team-building experience while also allowing people to play a direct role in providing water to communities worldwide. 

Grand Circle Foundation's filter build helped to provide clean water to thousands of families and individuals in places such as the Amazon, Honduras, East Africa, and Colombia. 

Image Courtesy of  Boston CityBizList

Image Courtesy of Boston CityBizList

We are honored that Grand Circle is supporting our fight against the global water crisis. Corporate partnerships make an enormous difference and with their help, we can have an even greater impact. Thanks to Grand Circle, at least 5,000 more people will have access to clean water in countries that need it the most. We are so grateful for their commitment.
— Doc Hendley, Grand Circle Foundation leadership meeting; courtesy of Boston CitBizList

Wine to Water is proud to partner with organizations like Grand Circle Foundation, who are committed to improving the lives of individuals around the globe. To find out more about their work, please visit their website. To find out more about W|W or to host a filter build, check out

- Haley Banks Harwood, W|W Intern