Field Note #25: A word from our CEO, David Cuthbert


Dear Friends,

I just went past my second anniversary at Wine To Water and I am grateful every day for the community we have the opportunity to serve with.  During my time here, I have seen incredible acts of service by people around the world to help others in need of clean water.  And, unfortunately, access to clean water is still an obstacle for far too many people.

We are reminded of this fact this very week as Haiti reels in the wake of another natural disaster, Hurricane Matthew.   What was already a fragile infrastructure from an earthquake that happened more than 5 years ago is burdened again by this most recent destruction.  

These situations are unfortunate but important reminders that the Wine To Water community’s purpose to love and serve is as critical now as ever before.  Specific to Haiti, although much is still to be determined, Wine To Water intends is leveraging all resources available to ensure we assist those in need in the most responsible way for long-term benefit.  Our primary means of doing this is through our Ceramic Water Factory in the DR.  The locally made filters can last ten years, and purify 99.9% of the contaminants found in the water.  These filters have also won a global award for sustainable technology.  In the last year, over 2,600 filters were provided to families in the DR and Haiti.   Your continued help for the people of Hispaniola is greatly appreciated. 

Even though situations like the one in Haiti are sad setbacks to much great work that has been done, it is clear to me that the people around WTW are making a real and significant difference for thousands of individuals, families, and communities.

Even so, it is easy to get caught up in the numbers and statistics of the global water crisis.  In this regard, let us never lose sight of the fact that real people with hopes, dreams, and struggles are out there who are affected by this global challenge.  This was brought home once again in a recent report from the field. 

Samoan is a 6 year-old boy from the village of Chup Pring, Cambodia.  Earlier this year, Wine To Water was able to provide a well to his family.  Prior to receiving a well, Samoan was regularly sick 3 to 4 times per month.  But, since having access to clean water, his health has completely turned around.  His great smile is evidence of the change in his life.  In return visits to this village, Samoan’s father has continued to express sincere appreciation for what this well has meant to his family. 

To see Wine To Water’s community come together to change a life like Samoan’s is awe-inspiring and is the realization of the community WTW is striving to foster and be a part of.  We firmly believe, together we can make an enormous difference.    You are truly changing the world, and for the last two years of my life, I could not have worked with a more selfless and beautiful community. 

So, as Doc says so often, let’s keep fighting the good fight, and bring clean water to those in need.  Thanks for your partnership and support.