Field Note #26: Being Something Much Greater Than Myself


It’s one thing to hear about the work that Wine To Water does, it’s another to experience it yourself. I had the incredible opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic with WTW and serve in the water filter factory in Santiago. As a Spanish minor, it was so exciting to apply the language and learn from the local WTW employees about the filter-making process and DR culture as a whole. Radhames Carela and his family hosted our volunteer group and are some of the most kind-hearted people I have ever met. To say that I “learned a lot” about non-profit work feels like a disservice—because my entire view was shifted. The truth is that it’s complex, it takes time, and there are never one-size-fits-all solutions—but through experience, education, hard work, and a dedicated heart, lives can be impacted one at a time. When I returned home, I felt so much more purpose while carrying out my internship projects, because I saw the tangible effect of Wine To Water as a whole. I realized I was one tiny, functioning piece in something much greater than myself.