Field Note #5: Fe Arias - Dominican Republic


Fe Arias of Zafarraya in the Dominican Republic is making a difference for her community.  Living in an agricultural region with endless fields of plantains, water purification can be costly and time-consuming.  For years, Fe spent precious financial resources on propane to boil all of her family’s drinking water.  Last year, Fe was introduced to the Wine To Water ceramic water filter and for the first time she was able to purify water without boiling it.  

A natural community leader, Fe organized 26 neighbors in January to purchase their own filters.  As the word spread about the cost savings and health benefits of the clean water from the ceramic filter, she coordinated another 35 families in May to obtain their own filters.

Thanks to our donors, Wine To Water is able to offset the full cost of the ceramic filters and make clean water affordable for working families in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Donor Investment = $50

Impact = Clean water for a family for a minimum of 5 years! That is just $10/year.

-Wine To Water