Field Note #82: Meeting Bishnu Maya Pariyar: Wine To Water Nepal


The following stories come from Kaushal Singh, assistant program officer at Wine To Water Nepal.

On April 25, 2015, a massive earthquake struck Nepal, leaving thousands of casualties and collapsed houses. Wine To Water responded by providing sawyer filters as a relief aid to thousands of people. The first and the foremost priority of Wine To Water was to ensure that affected people had access to clean drinking water. Since then, Wine To Water has been committed to helping Nepal by distributing clean water to the distressed. Though Wine To Water programs in Nepal were only formally established in 2016, there has been endless success regarding the provision of clean water.

People in the rural areas were deprived of clean drinking water and were forced to utilize the contaminated water. They ended up suffering with severe diseases due to the impure water. The Wine To Water Nepal (WWN) team stepped up and began its projects in various rural parts of Chitwan district such as Padampur, Gobreni, Majhue, Jhurjhure, Khurkhure, Jhuwani, Pyaridhap and many more.

WWN carries out it projects with the support of volunteers. We believe in volunteerism because it connects people from different backgrounds, mindsets and cultures under one single roof. Volunteers from the U.S. travelled all the way to Nepal in order to serve, learn about the water crisis and engage with the culture. 2016 has been a successful year for WWN, and throughout this year, we’ve been working in tube-well construction, construction of latrines, filter distributions, biosand filters and WASH programs in various schools and communities. Furthermore, WWN has hosted six different Volunteer Trips and impacted more than 5,000 lives.

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