Field Note #83: Meeting Bishnu Maya Pariyar: A Small Hut


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We come across lots of impact stories from volunteers and ground teams during our project period. These stories can make a difference in one’s life and possess the power to change your perspective, thoughts and behaviors. Here is one such story of one of our beneficiaries that we would like to share with you all.

On October 24, 2016, the Wine To Water Nepal team went for a follow-up of the tube-wells that were constructed in Gobreni-11, Gunjanagar. This was the place of my first trip as an intern with Wine To Water Nepal back in March 2016, and I was really excited to go back. On my way to Gobreni, I was thinking about all the houses we had visited, the tube-wells that we had constructed and the home-stay where we spent our week during the trip. I also thought of the children, women and the whole community, but one name was continuously striking my mind. That was the name Bishnu Maya Pariyar, the old lady who lived right across from one of the tube-wells that we had constructed in her so-called lower caste community.

As we reached the community, something caught my eye and drew my attention toward a small hut made of straws and bamboo sticks. As soon as I saw the hut, I had a sudden flashback which took me back to March. Then I realized and said to myself, “Aww, this is the house of the old lady named Bishnu Maya Pariyar who didn't have her own house during the time of our volunteer trip.” A few months back, our team, along with some volunteers, went for a follow-up at this place. To their surprise, they noticed the newly built house of the old lady. Everyone was excited to see this, as if it was a miracle. Unfortunately, I was not present at that moment, but after looking at all the pictures and posts about her on social media which our team had shared, I desperately wanted to visit her.

Now, after six months of waiting, I was there, standing just two feet away from her house. It was a “couldn’t be better than this” moment. I reached toward her door. It was a bit dark inside, but I could see the rays of sun passing through the walls of her hut, which made it somewhat visible. I saw someone resting in a chair but couldn't exactly figure out who it was, so I had to move closer in order to get a clear view. It was her, Bishnu Maya Pariyar.


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