Field Note #85: Transcending Clean Water


I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio, and I first learned about Wine To Water 5,000 miles away in Pécs, Hungary.

I was visiting my brother, who just happened to play basketball with founder Doc Hendley’s brother. At the time, I was not even aware that the global water crisis existed, so the fact that such an organization was necessary shocked and intrigued me. I put Wine To Water in the back of my mind as an organization that would be interesting to serve in the future.

Fast forward a few years. One thing leads to another, and I’m moving from Cincinnati, Ohio to Boone, North Carolina to intern with Wine To Water! It was through this internship that I learned about the Nepal volunteer trip. I clearly could not pass up an opportunity to provide clean water to the beautiful country of Nepal, so I started fundraising for the trip.

I’ve received donations from my community in Cincinnati, from my brother’s church community in Santa Monica, California and even from distant relatives in Germany. Many of these contributions may have been to support me as a relative or a friend or some dude they met once – but in the end, all those widespread connections are being funneled toward the single cause of clean water 7,800 miles away in the Chitwan District of Nepal.

Cincinnati – Pécs – Boone – Santa Monica – Stuttgart – Nepal

The point is, Wine To Water’s importance transcends clean water; it is about inviting the entire world to unite in a single community. We divide ourselves geographically or politically or spiritually; but the hundreds of thousands of people who are living healthier lives because of Wine To Water are a testament to the importance of breaking down those barriers. Everyone needs water, regardless of your religion or socio-economic status or location, and the fundamentally shared nature of this need is what makes such a worldwide community possible.

Entering into the Wine To Water community has quickly become one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The people I’ve met are amazing, the universal efforts I’ve witnessed are awe-inspiring and all the work I do as an intern truly feels meaningful on a grander scale… and I haven’t even gone to Nepal yet!

- Adam, International Operations Analytics Intern