Field Note #88: Barry Distributes 33 Ceramic Filters


Today, I headed into the Svay Rieng region with Savuth, the director of the Svay Rieng province, and Pastor Seytah, a contact to many areas of Cambodia. The province of Svay Rieng is one of the main areas in Cambodia we are currently working in, due to the high rate of poverty and lack of access to clean water.

Our goal was to deliver 33 ceramic water filter setups to four schools in the area. The students, teachers and community leaders were excited to receive these filters and have access to clean water. These 33 filters will affect over 443 students and their 21 teachers.

Many of these kids did not have access to clean water and were relying on ground sources for water. These ground sources contain bacteria and contaminants from pollution and waste, and cause serious illness, especially in young children. The students’ teachers will instruct them on why they need to use the water filter and not drink from ground sources. The goal is to train the students on these practices, so they can be reciprocated in the household. We plan on sending many more filters into this area throughout the year, in conjunction with our well drilling operation and sanitation and hygiene training.


- Barry, Cambodia IPM