Field Note #89: A Technical Survey in Dahakhani


On February 11, 2017, the Wine To Water Nepal team, along with two engineers, visited Dahakhani for a technical survey. The engineers started their survey by measuring the distance from the water source, and this measurement was used to plan for the placement of pipelines. It was easy during the beginning phase, but as we moved up the hill, it started getting steeper and steeper. Some points were affected by landslides, which made the path slippery, and there was nothing to hold on to if you lost your balance.

One should have a good pair of shoes with a strong grip to walk through this scary trail. There are lots of stinging nettle plants present in the jungle, and if you accidentally get stung, you can feel the burning or itching sensation for several hours. The easy solution to not getting stung by these plants is to wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants.

It was a scary experience, but I am really amazed by the fact that our IPM, Pavan Mudiam, managed to stay with the engineers from the beginning till the end, though he got few cuts and bruises throughout his journey.

- Kaushal, Assistant Program Officer, WWN