Field Note #92: Intern Kelsey Goes to Nepal


My name is Kelsey, and I am currently serving as an intern on the Administrative Team at Wine To Water headquarters in Boone, NC. As a part of my internship experience, I will be traveling as a volunteer to Nepal this March to begin a new water project. When I first heard of this opportunity, I knew in my heart that I had to go and serve in the field. I had yet to work one day in the office but I felt a connection that I was unable to ignore. After working a few weeks in the office, my connection to this organization is growing stronger every single day. As the trip grows closer, I am beginning to wonder how I will connect my work in the office to my service in the field. I know in my heart that serving in Nepal will be a life-changing experience. This is merely the beginning of my journey with Wine To Water, and I cannot wait to see where this organization leads me in the future.

- Kelsey, Gift Entry Intern