Field Note #99: Breaking Ground in Dahakani


I was very appreciative of Kaushal’s Field Notes and the ability to read them before my trip. I felt prepared for the hike into the hills to begin the project in Dahakani. Today was our first day in the village and we were warmly welcomed by those living in Dahakani. The water basins that are used for individual households lined the streets, with flowers inside them, as a welcome to the Wine To Water volunteers. This was incredibly heart-warming. It's challenging, not being able to verbally communicate with others, but I have been practicing non-verbal communication--and a smile is the same across the globe. I'm so grateful to be here, and I feel incredibly blessed to meet so many new friends and to learn so much about another culture, which inadvertently teaches me so much about my own.

Today we hiked into the hills and began a year long project in Dahakani. The commencement ceremony was beautiful, and our team was adorned with flowers and scarves as a thank you for what we are doing here. The hike wasn't too bad, and I learned that sharing stories helps distract the mind from the hike. I learned a lot about my fellow volunteers, which was incredibly fun. This team of volunteers is truly an incredible group. I had an opportunity to chat with Kaushal about his country, and he had the opportunity to ask me questions about mine--we laughed and discussed how even so far away from each other, the things we find important in our hearts are very similar.

Read Kaushal’s Field Note from Dahakani here!

- Jacquelynne