I Can. I Do.


I Can. I Do.

Field Note #227


On Saturday, June 1, Wine To Water will be hosting our 4th annual clean water benefit and soirée! The event will include live music, food, and the premiere of the award winning W|W film “I Can. I Do.”

Directed and produced by Matt Rath and Jacob Snyder, “I Can. I Do.” follows the stories of three major figures in the W|W community: Jhonny Anderson in Colombia, Roshani Karki in Nepal, and Radhames Carela in the Dominican Republic. Each of their stories carry their own unique power to inspire others, found in the different gifts and paths that lead them to their individual yet unified purposes.


Born in Colombia, Jhonny Anderson returned home after studying to be a music teacher. His dream was to become a conductor, but he smiled when telling the W|W team that he was a new sort of conductor. He oversees all water projects in Colombia, but not without leaving his own special mark in the communities that become his own.

Going back to his roots while keeping his greatest passions in tow, Jhonny still enjoys sharing and teaching music with the children of villages along the Amazon river. One of his favorite Spanish songs to teach is “El Pobre de Sebastian.” Not only does Jhonny use music as a way to make new connections, but he is also empowering the children by showing them just how easy it can be for them to learn new languages.

I know that everybody have something good. You share the good things about you, you are doing the best with your life. If you get something good in your life and you keep it just for you, you are doing nothing.
— Jhonny

Roshani Karki shares parts of herself with her community in Nepal as well. After the earthquake that devastated her country in 2015, she felt called out of her fear and into action for the sake of her people. Roshani was quickly seen as a leader by those she sought to help and who worked alongside her, but she was not so enthusiastic about the title of “leader” herself.

Although Roshani hesitant to take on the title of an international program manager, her genuine love and care for people lead her forward with natural ease. CEO David Cuthbert could see Roshani’s confidence growing with every new visit to his friend in Nepal. While the health of the community continued to flourish with clean water, Roshani shared her quiet strength by fostering lasting and empowering relationships with the people worked so tirelessly for and alongside.

I don’t say that I did something great. But I think I understood the vision of W|W International and I think that matches what I am looking for for my country. It was like, ‘Okay, this is what I always wanted to do.’
— Roshani

Much like Jhonny and Roshani, Radhames Carela found purpose in the work he was most passionate about. Since he was a boy watching seedlings grow with his father, Radha has had boundless energy for the art and work he believes matters the most. His entusiasm certainly hasn’t dwindled as head ceramist at the W|W ceramic filter factory in the Dominican Republic.

Team members marvel over Radha’s passion for his various projects as well as his complete disinterest in vacations. But Radha shares the story of his three names: Radha, Crazy, and Scientist. Where others saw a “crazy” man too excited about every new thing that came along, Radha new he would they would only be right if he listened to them.

I can. I do.
— Radha
Director and Producer Matt Rath.

Director and Producer Matt Rath.

“I really believe in the work and that’s what makes it easy to document,” says Matt Rath. “It’s always nice as a filmmaker or storyteller when it’s kind of laid out for you. There’s already these amazing stories in place, incredible people doing incredible things, all you have to do is not mess it up. And that’s how I feel about [Jhonny, Roshani, and Radha]. I just had the opportunity to tell three amazing stories that already existed, they just weren’t highlighted.

“That’s what I love doing; telling people’s stories that may not have got out otherwise… They’re just doing what they’re doing in humility. I’ve always respected people who just do things to do them and not to be seen. Those three are such good examples of that. That’s what I think makes the film great.

“[The Soirée] isn’t to come see how great W|W is. It’s to come and be inspired yourself by these three amazing individuals. This is an opportunity to really be encouraged - inspired.”

W|W invites you to join us for the showing of this moving film. Be inspired by the people who are using their unique gifts to make incredible differences in the world and in the lives of those around them. Whether you’re a musician like Jhonny, a leader like Roshani, or a scientist like Radhames, you have a place with all of us at W|W.

Carsyn Bernhardt