No Longer Just Volunteers, But Global Advocates


Announcing the W|W Global Experience Program!

Field Note #229


Within the past year, Wine To Water has been undergoing an exciting amount of growth within our teams, projects, and impact. However, rapid growth calls for realignment and embracing change for our continued impact with clean water.

With this in mind, W|W set out months ago to begin evaluating the impact of our volunteer program. After various conversations and meetings with our international teams, we have identified the need to go deeper and better align our trips with the overall goal of W|W, which has always been clean water.

W|W recognizes what an incredible honor and privilege it is for our teams and volunteers to be welcomed into the local communities of our global offices, to hear powerful stories, and to work alongside both local staff and community members. Those who have been traveled with us know better than anyone that our trips to the field are so much more than just volunteer trips: they’re global experiences. 

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The goal of a Global Experience (GXP) is to create a more intentional space for Global Advocates to learn and grow within the impact of clean water. By particpating in a Global Experience trip, you'll engage further with international staff and local communities. In addition, you will experience what clean water means for health, education, economic growth, gender equality, and so much more. You will be empowered to directly support and share the story and the impact of clean water with your own community and network.

Not only this, but this evolution of our volunteer program will better empower our global teams to live out their passion and work for clean water. Whether it’s Joel in the DR, Roshani in Nepal, or Jhonny in the Amazon, we want to ensure that this program is supporting them and their teams to the best of its ability.

DR Program Manager Joel Vicioso.

DR Program Manager Joel Vicioso.

Nepal and Colombia Program Managers Roshani Karki and Jhonny Anderson.

Nepal and Colombia Program Managers Roshani Karki and Jhonny Anderson.

Jhonny Anderson recently wrote about his own excitement for our new GXP model:

Each tool was designed to fulfill a specific function, the same happens to us. We have gifts and skills for which we are good and our productivity will be better when we focus on them.

When we evaluate how the world works and how each part is connected to another, everything makes sense and we begin to think "this is where I have an important role.” I'm not good at raising funds for projects, but I think I'm good at connecting people from different cultures like American culture with Latin and the culture of the jungle. Also, one of my strengths is to teach, for some reason I qualified for this and now they are my strengths.

Our Field Coordinator Ana Maria has a great capacity to connect with women and children and also to teach. I want to take advantage of those gifts and make the most of what is good. Gustavo, our technician is good at repairing wells, doing accounts on how much material is needed to fix something related to our project and it is also good to navigate the river and locate yourself in the middle of the jungle so that everything seems the same everywhere. As it does? I do not know, I just know it's good to do it. What is good for and how can it be more effective in the fight against the global water crisis? I assure you that it will not be the best to give us a good location in the jungle unless you have a powerful satellite location system; Even so, I assure you it will be lost.

This new path with GXP will allow us to concentrate on what each one is good and together we can go further and benefit each other. Our friends in the jungle will take care of the jungle, we will have a cleaner air and they will have healthy water.

What are you good at?


Along with Jhonny, W|W challenges you to embark on this new global experience with our organization. Go deeper with our organization and within yourself to discover new passions and purposes. We see a Global Experience as a piece of your journey with Wine To Water and we invite to continue that journey with us. We can't wait to see where it leads!

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Carsyn Bernhardt