Safa Piuni Pani


Clean drinking water in Kalyanpur

Feature by Jaleigh Jensen

Bringing clean water to this community is one of the greatest joys of my life.
— Gyan Kafle, W|W Water User Committee President in Kalyanpur

W|W Nepal inaugurated the 98 tap-stand program in Kalyanpur. After a full year of planning, training and constructing, this community tucked way back on the edge of the jungle now has clean water.

Gyan Kafle, 62 year-old native of Kalyanpur has led his community through every phase of this program in partnership with W|W and the local government municipalities. Despite his age, his passion for the people here shines through everything. He is one of the most respected men in the entire community and was the perfect person to partner with to lead this.

This community-led project was a multi-stakeholder agreement with W|W, The Bufferzone Committee, The Ward Office, The Madi Municipality and The Pandavanagar Water Users Committee. This created the biggest buy-in initiative that we have seen in any of our programs-- allowing for the ownership of this water system to be rooted in the people of Kalyanpur and most specifically rooted in Gyan.


About the Project

This project converges three sources into the sump well - a spring source in the jungle, the river, and the sump well itself - in order to capture enough water for all 98 households. After water is harnessed at the sump well, it is then pumped up the mountain with solar lifting technology. The water is stored in two 20,000 liter reservoir tanks - space for 40,000 liters of water. Water is then filtered with a chlorine in order to secure that it is clean drinking water - safa piuni pani - for all people in Kalyanpur. Water is finally gravity-fed down the mountain into everyone's individual homes and tap stands.

Water in the tap will allow for more time to do our work. It will allow for our children to be children. It will allow for us to spend more time with our families.
— Gyan Kafle

Thank you for all the ways you have supported our holistic WaSH solutions in Kalyanpur - you have been able to prove to the people here that water is truly just the beginning.

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Carsyn Bernhardt