See Your Annual Impact In Colombia And The DR!


Excerpts from the 2018-2019 Annual Report


With five offices spanning across the globe, W|W is committed to fulfilling its mission to support life and dignity for all through the power of clean water.

W|W programs reach and connect people from across oceans and cultures, uniting them for the sake of one powerful cause. Although our first and greatest mission is clean water, so much more flows from the community and effort that comes before and after a ceramic filter is delivered in East Africa or a tap-stand is built in Nepal. Our programs are all unique but crucially woven together to support the cycle of providing clean water to those who need it.

Going Deeper Along the Amazon

Although the Amazon River is the largest channel in the world, industrial pollution prevents thousands of people from using it as a healthy water source. W|W has to be intentional in fighting hand-out dependency along the Amazon, encouraging local engagement and stronger sustainability.

This intentionality starts with building trust through relationships. By investing in our W|W team, our Amazon office is able to invest in the people of Colombia, and it shows. We’ve transitioned from well rehabilitation toward community development through the use of the Sawyer filter! We have also created online filter trainings and hosted WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) workshops to better equip staff to conduct surveys, distribute filters, and follow up with beneficiaries in more sustainable and meaningful ways.

Keeping it Local in the Dominican Republic

Although the Dominican Republic is known as a popular resort destination, the local population suffers from water scarcity and contamination. The W|W ceramic filter factory is changing the water landscape in the DR thanks to the innovative and locally sourced technology created by passionate team members and volunteers.

With the “keep-it-local” mindset, the W|W team developed a micro-finance system to spawn new enterprise and combat poverty. Selling the filter at a low subsidized cost allows community members to take ownership of their filter, ensuring better upkeep, while allowing the DR team to hire and pay factory workers to produce even more filters.

With every new filter molded by our team, the physical and financial health of local communities continues to improve as steadily as water flows through our ceramic filters.

To see more of your involvement with our global impact this year, read the 2018-2019 Annual Report online today!

Carsyn Bernhardt