Field Note #144: The Big Show for Clean Water


Saturday, August 20 in Tampa, Florida was the scene for “The Big, Big Show! – Wine To Water Fundraiser” hosted by Tia Marie and Sydney Grogan. A culmination of artists and live performers joined together to entertain and raise awareness of the global water crisis. Proceeds from the event bring water, sanitation and hygiene to areas in need. Surrounded by good food, fun and fellowship about 45 guests enjoyed The Jeweled Mermaid, belly dancer J. Oriana Brooks, live body painting by Pam Trent, art from Cass W. and Gabriela Jaxon, Sideshow Magic from Matt Hatter, and comedy from Wit Improve.

Set at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts in Downtown Tampa, guests had no shortage of beautiful scenery while enjoying an incredible menu of food and dessert locally donated. While Matt Hatter walked on glass and breathed fire, Wit Improve brought the house down with spontaneous comedy. And, while the evening ended with a raffle of various donated items including local art produced during the event, we all learned how there is no end of the need for water, sanitation and hygiene around the world. The event raised over $1,100, and before we left, Tia and Sydney reminded us all to stay involved and support Wine To Water.


- Danny