Two Years in Uganda


Two Years in Uganda

Field Note #220


Several years ago, Tap Member Kate Slack was traveling with a close friend to North Carolina. While visiting in the area, they attended a church service where Doc Hendley spoke about the mission of Wine To Water while also sharing some of his personal hardships. With his son going into surgery soon, the entire church prayed over the family after his speech. It was immediately after this occurrence that Kate decided to become a member of The Tap.

I was so inspired that I wanted to pour into what they were doing.
— Kate Slack

A few years later, Kate packed her bags and moved to Uganda to adopt her two daughters. The process lasted for two years, and so Kate became well acquainted with the area, people, and issues faced on a regular basis.

According to Kate, typhoid fever and malaria were all too common around her home. Although the illnesses would typically pass, the problem kept recurring with very few reliable water sources. Not long after she moved to Uganda, she purchased a ceramic water filter to ensure the safety of her drinking water.

A nearby well was the town’s most popular water source. On a daily basis, Kate would see children collecting and carrying the well water home for their families. The only other alternative was to purchase water elsewhere, which was often too expensive for the community. Kate was shocked by the drastic difference in availability of water between Uganda and the home she once knew.

We can get free water anywhere in the United States, but it’s not like that in Uganda.
— Kate Slack

Kate respected one local cafe in particular that supported the right to free water with its own ceramic water filter. Although not everyone in the community had access to this filter, the importance of the right to clean water carried a greater meaning for her than it did before her time in Uganda. Upon her return to America after two years, Kate gifted her ceramic water filter to her neighbors so that they wouldn’t have to worry for clean water.

Now living in Florida, Kate is grateful that her family is able to drink free, clean water without any fear of illness. Since her time in Uganda, Kate’s perspective has been entirely awakened on the effects of the Global Water Crisis. Having lived through it everyday for two years, her passion for Wine To Water’s work was only reinforced.

[The Tap’s] contribution to this organization can impact thousands of people and it’s such a necessary thing. People should have easy access to water, but they don’t.
— Kate Slack

To Kate Slack, Doc Hendley, and Wine To Water as a whole, the need for clean water on a global scale is a matter of fact. Kate became a Tap member because she wanted to support the work she saw Wine To Water was accomplishing. Because although the need is simple, tackling a global crisis is anything but.

Wine To Water is grateful to Kate Slack and all of our Tap members. Without you, accomplishing our mission could not be possible.

Carsyn Bernhardt