Field Note #204: Gyan Koffee

Gyan Koffe, President of the W|W Water User Committee in Kalyanpur

Gyan Koffe, President of the W|W Water User Committee in Kalyanpur

As of last week, Wine To Water has officially broken ground in a new community-- Kalyanpur! Kalyanpur is part of the Madi Municipality in Nepal, which is the same district that two of our past projects-- Dahakani and Riatole-- are located.

Just from my experience being there last week, I can definitely say that this community is excited, ready and passionate about this project. In the five days we were there, over 100 people came out to help dig trench alongside of us, nearly doubling the amount of work we were expecting to do. 

And I assure you, that the majority of that excitement, energy, and passion that fueled the people of Kalyanpur came from this man. meet the President of our Water User Committee, Gyan Koffe.


A 62 year-old native of Kalyanpur, this man has the knowledge, love and respect a position like this requires.

Many people in the village quoted him to be the most respected man of Kalyanpur. Despite his age, his energy is contagious and his grace, passion and love for his people shine through his work. He is definitely the main reason why W|W saw the largest turn-out of village support in any community we have worked in yet. Simply, this man is incredible.

This community is home for about 100 households and currently, they all get their water from one spring-fed source. And not only is it crowded for an entire to community to gather in one spot, multiple times a day, for the same basic need-- but it also takes so much time to walk to the source, fill up buckets and bottles for all of their drinking, bathing, cooking and agriculture needs, and then walk home again.

So what we're doing is implementing a three-phase project approach where we will work hand-in-hand, shovel-in-shovel, to create an individual tap stand for every household. Imagine the time they'll have to devote to bettering their lives as a result.

Gyan has been an amazing resource in fostering support through this process so far and we look forward to continuing working with him.

Jaleigh Jensen, W|W International Fellow

To learn more about Jaleigh's time in Nepal, visit her portfolio!

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