Water Tech Wednesday #7: Sawyer Filters


Sawyer is dedicated to making the world a better place by working toward eliminating the global water crisis and fighting to end terminal illnesses transferred through mosquito bites. Sawyer offers some of the best first aid and most highly advanced protection against sunburn, bug bites, water-borne illnesses, and infections. 

Wine to Water is increasingly thankful for Sawyer's contribution to ending the Global Water Crisis. Sawyer's simple, portable water filters are a game changer for our mission when it comes to ensuring that every individual and community has access to clean water. Sawyer filters are an integral part of our process - they are the proud developers of point-of-use water filters, which can transform dirty water into fresh, safe drinking water in a matter of seconds. 

Sawyer's filters were developed using advanced kidney-dialysis technology. They remove 99.99999% of all bacteria and protozoa, including disease-causing organisms such as salmonella, cholera, E.coli, giardia, and cryptosporidium. 

Image Courtesy of Sawyer

Image Courtesy of Sawyer

They do this by making use of 0.1 Micron Absolute Filtration Technology, which uses numerous tiny 'u' shaped fibers to trap imperfections while allowing clean water to flow through at a high rate. The filters contain 0.1-micrometer pores, making it impossible for harmful bacteria and protozoa to escape the filter.

Each of these filters is guaranteed to provide 100,000 gallons of clean water, and if properly cleaned and maintained, can last up to a lifetime.

To learn more about Sawyer and their world-changing technology, please visit their website

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Haley Banks Harwood, W|W Intern