What does it mean to be a member of the The Tap?


What does it mean to be a member of the The Tap?

Field Note #218

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You may have heard all of us at Wine To Water saying things like “Join the Tap” or “Become a Tap member today!” But what exactly does this mean? What is The Tap and why should you consider being a part of it?

The Tap Membership is an exclusive group of individuals inspired to give monthly to the life-giving mission of clean water. With 200 members currently, these people make a powerful difference in W|W’s fight against the Global Water Crisis with their regular contributions.

Joining The Tap is more than becoming a regular donor. People are drawn to The Tap and W|W in general for different reasons. Many people may be inspired by Doc’s story, while others have experienced our impact in the field or through a filter build event. Regardless of what draws someone in, it is the community and purpose that inspires people to join the Tap.

Jessica Barrett joined The Tap near the very start of the program. She has served on multiple volunteer trips in Nepal, Uganda, and the Dominican Republic, where she has witnessed the impact of clean water firsthand:

“I’ve seen a child’s face completely light up at the sight of clean water first coming out of a new well.  I’ve see the tears of joy from a father who explained how his family isn’t sick anymore since using his filter.  These experiences, images, and relationships that will stay with me forever have driven me to help ensure that W|W’s work can continue by joining The Tap. Being a member of The Tap allows me to be a part of the W|W community and gives me a way to still be a part of W|W’s work even when I’m not in the field.”

To be a member of the Tap is to become a part of a much bigger global community, connected across cultures and differences for the sake of one incredible outcome: clean water. Tap members have a direct hand in changing the lives of our beneficiaries all over the world. They aren’t just giving money. They are giving a ceramic filter in the DR or Tanzania, a borehole well in the Amazon, or a tap stand in Nepal.

But water is just the beginning.

By becoming a member of The Tap, donors are going beyond the gift of clean water. Life is given and changed by the impact of clean water. Children can go to school, farmers can tend their crops and make a living, people can rebuild their homes; the possibilities are endless once water is finally available. W|W and our Tap members, like Jessica, look to celebrate this incredible impact with World Water Day just around the corner on March 22:

“I’m always amazed and encouraged to see how many people around the world recognize and even celebrate WWD.  Hearing that 2 billion people lack access to clean water can seem daunting and quite discouraging at times. But when I see people from all corners of the globe participating in WWD, I’m reminded that we’re all a part of something bigger, all fighting for the same cause, and all working together to end the global water crisis.  It’s a day of hope for me. In the U.S. in particular, I believe WWD allows us to bring attention to an issue that I think is so easy for us to ignore here—not out of lack of concern, but simply because it’s not in front of our eyes every day. It’s so easy to get caught up in our daily lives, but for that one day, March 22, we can focus on the global water crisis and what we all can do to be a part of the solution.”

Join us in the celebration of World Water Day and become a Tap member today! With your monthly donation, W|W will be able to continue going far and empowering others to experience the life-changing impact of clean water.

To become a member of The Tap, join here!

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