World Water Day: That's a Wrap!


The month of World Water Day is coming to a close, and what an incredible month of March it has been! Wine To Water community members have come together from all across the globe to celebrate the incredible power of clean water. With over 3,000 filter sponsored and 36 events hosted across nine states and six countries, this WWD has been one to remember! In addition, W|W had over 3,700 engagements across all of our social media platforms! Water is just the beginning, and you all have started something incredible this month.

Among our many WWD champions, nine-year-old Kara hosted a WWD lemonade stand for clean water with the help of her neighborhood friends. Kara has not only been a positive light in her local community, but in the lives of those receiving the life-changing gift of clean water thanks to her creative initiative.

Why did I have a World Water Day lemonade stand? It’s simple. I have clean water and other people around the world don’t. I started doing these lemonade stands four years ago after I saw my mom helping with W|W in other countries, and I wanted to figure out a way to help too.
— Kara
Kara Lemonade.jpg

Another incredible contribution to the impact of WWD came from Cheyenne, Wyoming, where W|W volunteer Clay Hess hosted a filter build for all of his community to join. With food, music, and eager participants all accounted for, it was an incredible space for community to flourish while working for a worthwhile cause. Two hundred and fifty filters were assembled at the local filter build, which would go towards 2,500 people receiving clean water around the world!

“It’s hard to hear about the water crisis,” Clay told KGWN, a Cheyenne news broadcasting station. “It’s hard to hear that over 2 billion people don’t have access to clean water, so I’m passionate about that and I think this is a very good thing for Cheyenne.”

These are only a few of the many incredible community gatherings that took place on WWD, and only a part of the greater impact that everyone contributed to. W|W is so grateful for everyone who left their mark on WWD 2019. Whether you were a part of an adorable lemonade stand fundraiser, a local filter build, or corporate event, you have created a ripple effect that will last for generations to come.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading along with our WWD stories and for contributing to our goal of $150,000 from Tap members new and old. Although WWD only comes once a year, the need for clean water is present everyday all over the world. Beyond WWD, we need and delight in your involvement with our mission everyday of the year.

Thank you for all you do and for following us on this journey. It’s far from over!

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