WTW Chapters are groups of like-minded people all across the country who are passionate about serving in community. Each WTW Chapter is actively involved in international volunteering, campaign events and fundraising. Join a local WTW Chapter near you to connect in a significant way and take the next step in volunteer service.




Veteran's Chapter


This national chapter, founded by US Veterans, believes that we all can empower our veterans by offering them an opportunity to give the gift of clean water. The purpose of the Wine To Water Veteran’s Chapter is to raise support for these service trips and to end the Global Water Crisis. Join us in supporting our veterans!


Start a Chapter


Can't find a WTW Chapter in your area? That's good news because it means you are about to start one! Lace up your shoes, fill the canteen and get ready for an incredible journey. You are about to join a community on the front lines of the Global Water Crisis. You'll be in good company.