A Message from Doc Hendley

Miss Amber and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary this weekend. Normally I'm not the type of person that gets all worked up over special days that I feel required to celebrate, HOWEVER this was most definitely an exception to that norm. It was so cool to sit next to my wife, hold her hand as we were coming home from our fun filled evening of Guns N Roses, and just quietly think through the past decade... Well, quietly minus the ringing in our ears from the crazy loud speakers :) It's hard to comprehend just how much my life has changed in these last 10 years. But, without a doubt, I am certain that Amber is the greatest gift God has given or will give me while I am here on His green earth. And the truth is, I could never tell her enough just how much I love her and just how important she is to me. 

Now that the weekend is over I am sitting here having my 3rd Monday morning cup of coffee, and I am having thoughts or feelings similar to the ones I had this weekend, but about Wine To Water. Aside from my family, the greatest gift that God has given me is the work that He has allowed me to be a part of. Most of you who know me know that the main reason why I am so thankful for God allowing me to serve Him is because for a huge portion of my life I didn't believe I was the type of person that could be used by Him to accomplish his great work. I thought I was too much of a mess to take part in this type of service. It's strange, but just like I know I don't deserve to have such an amazing wife and mother of my children, I know full well I don't deserve to be a part of such an amazing organization where every day we get to love and serve people all over the world. And that's what makes it even more special.

It's now been just over 12 years since WTW first got started. And just like in my marriage I have made a ton of mistakes and I have failed numerous times in numerous different ways. But the reason why I am so thankful for this organization is crazy similar to the reason why I am so thankful for my family. Because this amazing team of people that I get to work alongside every day doesn't expect me to be perfect. They don't expect me to do or say all the right things at all the right times and as a result that is something I don't expect from them. We love and serve alongside one another regardless of each of our own flaws and weaknesses. In fact, I believe it is our weaknesses that bring us together instead of our strengths. Because together when one person is struggling another can come alongside that person and build them up and encourage them and help them accomplish their job to the best of all our abilities.

I am amazed every day at the blessings in my life. And as each day passes I'm beginning to think that there is no separation between them. They are all one in the same. My wife, my family, this organization, all of it seems to be a part of one big gift that I most certainly do not deserve. 

So why do I say all of this today after my now 3rd cup of coffee? Because none of the amazing work that we've been able to all take part in together as an organization would be possible without you. We wouldn't have been able to serve in 25 countries around the world without all of you. We wouldn't have been able to reach over 500,000 people with life saving water without you. And we wouldn't be growing still without your love, prayers, and support. 

Just like I know I can't say these things enough to my wife and my kids, I truly can not thank each and every one of you enough for supporting this gift that we all get to be a part of called Wine To Water. I’m so grateful for every prayer, every dollar, every shared bottle of wine, and ever single sweaty volunteer hour that each one of you has so selflessly given to help sustain and grow our mission. Thank you for believing in us.

Much Love,

Doc Hendley

PS - As we are continuing to grow, if anyone out there is interested in joining our team or being involved more than what you have been in the past PLEASE reach out to us. There are numerous ways to get involved whether it is volunteering or even joining our team full-time. 

Lazarus Design Team