In Uganda and Ethiopia, more than 75,000 children under the age of 5 die every year, making water-related illness, the leading cause of death in this region. Wine To Water projects in this region focus on providing secure, local water sources to communities through well drilling and rehabilitation.

Current programs in Ethiopia are focused on the region of Wondo Genet, which has an approximate population of 160,000 people. Wondo Genet has a reliable source of groundwater which can provide safe drinking water and is easily accessible through manual percussion well drilling. Therefore, current programs are focused on well rehabilitation, well drilling, sanitation education and training subsistence farmers in conservation agriculture to help them prepare for recurring droughts.



In the next year, Wine To Water plans to drill 10 new wells and rehabilitate another 50, transforming the lives of another 10,000 people.



Field Note - Uganda

With over 80,000 occupants, the Kiryandongo refugee settlement in Uganda is overcrowded and under-resourced. Refugees are constantly arriving from Sudan, fleeing the persecution they face there. But when they arrive at Kiryandongo, they are faced with the challenge of limited access to contaminated water. Wine To Water is working to bring clean, life-giving water to these refugees in need. Read the story here →.