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Wine To Water Filter Build Program


Wine To Water uses a special filter to help families get clean water in hard to reach areas, like refugee camps and natural disasters. At a W|W Filter Build, you can help us assemble these water filters and learn about the world water crisis. The filters are easy to put together in ten steps, create a team-building experience and give you a direct hand in getting clean water to families around the globe.


Wine To Water can host your Filter Build event or you can host your own.


Let Wine To Water Host Your Filter Build Event

At a business or community event, your team has the opportunity to assemble filters, strengthen corporate social responsibility and engage in the world water crisis. 

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Host Your Own Filter Build

You can facilitate a Filter Build with 25 people or with a group as large as 200, and it is always a great time! We get you everything you need to successfully organize, fundraise and facilitate your Filter Build event. If your group sponsors more than 100 filters, we will also try to be there