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Start a Ripple Effect

One of the most effective ways you can be involved with Wine To Water is to raise funds for clean water projects. Tell your friends about us. Host creative and meaningful events. No matter how you get the word out and fight the Global Water Crisis, your efforts are not only a drop in the bucket, they are creating ripples in a world that is ready for change.

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Host a Wine Tasting

What can you do to give the gift of clean water? Share the Wine To Water story by hosting a wine tasting. The possibilities are endless and you can be the driving force in changing someone’s life forever. A wine tasting can be with friends, work colleagues, or anyone else who enjoys raising a glass in support of an important cause. All that matters is that clean water is the goal.


Get Creative

Any way you work, any way you play, do it to help end the Global Water Crisis with the Wine To Water Community. Come up with your own fresh ideas to raise funds, take a risk and find your own unique way to share the message and make a difference!