Ardmore UMC - W|W Ethiopia & Filter Program Report


    January - June 2018

(Fig. 1) Mammay next to the new water tank filled by a solar powered pump. 

Thank you, Ardmore UMC for your support of  Wine To Water Ethiopia and Filter Programs! 

Ethiopia Summary Impact

This project is about personal and community transformation using the power of water in Adulala.

This small rural village is located in the Arsi Negele District of the West Arsi Zone in the Oromia Region. It is situated in the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia approximately 240 km south of Addis Ababa, about a four-hour drive.

Solar Panel.jpg

The total cost of the project was $21,070. This includes the installation of the solar panels, the water storage, and distribution system. This new system will serve 1,600 beneficiaries.

To serve the equivalent number of people with new wells and hand pumps would have required two additional wells at a cost estimated to be $40,000.

Solar powered groundwater pumping systems have become practical and affordable solutions in Ethiopia where the power grid is unavailable or unreliable, and the cost of drilling new wells is high. They are also easy to install and maintain with a  life  expectancy of approximately 20  years.        

This solar pumping system includes a Grundfos electric submersible pump,  controller, solar panels,  supply  line,  elevated  reservoir  for  gravity  flow,  and  a  public  water  point  consisting  of  three taps.  The three  faucets  help  the  community  women  and  girls to  fetch  water  easily   from  the  taps, now women and children no longer have to spend time  hand  pumping to fill their jerry cans (water containers).    

Ethiopia Impact Story

Fig. 3 Mammay and her youngest. 

Mammay is also responsible for collecting water for her family. She started by fetching water from a polluted river that took three hours out of each day. Mammay is a mother of 9 children and a leader of the Water Use Committee (WUC) that manages the productive drinking water-well that was constructed near her home in 2009.

(Fig. 4) Mammay filling up at the new tap stands. 

The Water Use Committee charges families a small fee for water and with these water funds they have been able to make micro loans to many women in the community further increasing the impact of the clean water solution.

The population has grown with time and the pump has been overused causing frequent breakdowns. A new solar-powered pump and tank delivery system was installed in May 2018 which has revolutionized the lives of all the women and girls that collect water. 

Mammay can also irrigate her gardens to produce even more fruits and vegetables. She is filled with joy!

Filter Program

From January - June 2018 Wine To Water implemented 1,323 sawyer filters throughout the world, including areas where natural and human-caused disasters are all too common.

The Wine To Water Filter Build Program has impacted nearly 20,000 lives in the last 6 months, all thanks to your support of a Wine To Water Filter Build event!

With your commitment to fighting the global water crisis you, Ardmore United Methodist Church have helped Wine To Water impact over 21,600 lives around the world.

Scroll down for an interactive map and a glimpse of our work in the global Field! 

Glimpses of our Work in Ethiopia!

Fig. 6 Jerrycans being filled at new tap stand in Andulala.


Fig. 8 Children around the new solar powered pump in Andulala. 

Fig. 10 Filter distribution in the DR. 

Fig. 9 This family in Riatole, Nepal, proud recipients of a Sawyer Filter. 

Fig. 11 Filter Demonstration in Northern Colombia.


THANK YOU Ardmore UMC!  We are grateful for your continued support! 

Matt Wagoner