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W|W Colombia

Redefining Strategy

January - May 2019

Ana Maria training a group of students on water-borne disease transmission.

Ana Maria training a group of students on water-borne disease transmission.

Amazon Impact

January through June has been a period of investment in our W|W team members and redefining our strategy in Colombia. In January, W|W HQ trained and empowered our team by providing a variety of program management tools, and filter implementation training. The gantt chart is one specific tool that has helped us become more in sync with how we address work done in each community (see photo below). W|W Colombia has decided that filters are a gateway to future programs in these communities, and they can provide immediate access to clean water. Now following a scheduled program workflow, we have been able to reach a total of eight communities over the past six months benefitting 621 people.

Current Gantt Chart for communities in the Amazon

Current Gantt Chart for communities in the Amazon



  • Combatting handout mentality from other non-profits in the region

  • Lack of community leadership

  • Low staffing capacity 

  • Filter shipment delays due to delays domestically and internationally

Developments outside the Amazon

With a growing network of filter partners, Jhonny has been helping W|W HQ develop a online Filter Training Program. This training will be a tool Jhonny can use as he expands our partner network in Colombia and other areas in Latin America. Through these new filter partner relations, the office was able to distribute 63 filters to community leaders in Venezuela. As this political crisis is ongoing W|W will continue to seek opportunities to provide support. One thousand filters have made it into Colombia. W|W is still actively working to get the filters out of customs. Once that process is complete, filters will be distributed to communities in the Amazon, along the Venezuelan border, and put into the hands of local partners.

Staff Developments:

The team was able to identify a new office location, which adds more space for W|W Colombia to operate. This will allow Jhonny to grow in staff capacity, and it will increase his ability to store filters. Managing these new filter partner relationships is crucial. Having a space to house filters, hire new employees, network, train, and execute the vision will push W|W Colombia to grow. In May, Ana Maria attended a WASH conference in Bogota where she met other implementers in Colombia. The training was not only helpful for making our programs better, but it helps W|W Colombia network with like minded organizations fighting the water crisis.

Thank You from Jhonny!

Field Note #214: Ana Maria’s Story

In June of 2018, Wine To Water Colombia realized the need for a field coordinator to facilitate their current work while also bringing clean water to new communities. Colombia National Program Manager Jhonny Anderson traveled to the jungles of the Amazon to find this new field coordinator. He conducted several interviews and received several resumes, but no one seemed to be the right fit….

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Glimpse of our work in the Amazon!


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