Equinix - W|W Filter Program Report

July - December 2018

Appreciating the kind words alongside your filters in Myanmar!

Thank you for your support of the Wine To Water Filter Program!

From July to December of 2018, Wine To Water implemented 901 Sawyer filters across the globe in eight countries. Whether as part of our major programs or in response to disaster relief, we ensure that our Filter Program is equipped to act efficiently and sustainably in various situations that are for the betterment of the people we serve.

Our filter partners greatly contribute to our ability to respond to disaster situations. Wine To Water is always in need of more filters and grateful for those who contribute by donating or hosting filter builds.

In the past six months, HOPEworldwide distributed 375 filters in four countries, including disaster relief response within the United States. Along with The Cajun Navy and SCORE: Toledo Medical Mission, HOPEworldwide responded to the hurricane in North Carolina, deploying a total of 520 filters for our neighbors on the east coast. In addition, Uganda-based organizations Omukali Villages Arise and The Humurara Rural Women’s Group implemented 110 filters, with another 250 already planned for 2019.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored Filter Build events from July to December of 2018. Your events have allowed us to further strengthen our programs throughout the world, including the Amazon and East Africa. Whether your event was big or small, you all made incredible differences in the lives of filter recipients and their communities!

The Wine To Water Filter Build Program has impacted nearly 18,251 lives in the last six months, all thanks to your support!

Impact Update

Interactive Map & Impact Data

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Field Note #189: Building Filters with Grand Circle Foundation

Back in early June, Grand Circle Foundation celebrated its 60th anniversary at its annual gathering, held at their Pinnacle Leadership Center in Kensington, NH. In order to show their dedication to providing clean water and to celebrate their big anniversary in a meaningful way, Grand Circle Foundation partnered with Wine To Water in a filter build to construct 1,000 filters that are currently being distributed to communities around the globe.

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A Glimpse into the Field


                THANK YOU Equinix! for investing in the W|W Filter Program.         

    We are grateful for your continued support!

Matt Wagoner