Indiana University East - W|W Dominican Republic Impact Report 2018

July - December 2018


Thank you for your continued support of the Wine To Water program in the Dominican Republic!

These past few months we have been full of exciting milestones as we have distributed 485 filters in the Dominican Republic and Haiti and conducted 2 WaSH training sessions from July to December of 2018.

With 2,736 beneficiaries, Wine To Water strived to ensure sustainable changes in the Dominican Republic by performing filter follow-ups in eight of the 13 communities we partnered with these past six months. Through these follow-ups, we concluded that 95.6% of filters were still in use, and 98.7% of filters were placed in secure locations. 98.6% of those interviewed confirmed that their filter has significantly helped their family, while 100% of DR residents involved in filter follow-ups claimed they would recommend a ceramic filter to a friend. Beneficiaries have also reported saving an average of five dollars a week on water due to their ceramic filter.

A woman named Germania Urena informed us: “I do not need to spend money on water and the filter improved my health.” Additionally, a woman named Maria Marte shared with our team how she once suffered from parasites due to water contamination. Since she received her filter, Maria is now healthy and continues to thrive in the wake to clean water.

With your commitment, Wine To Water DR is able to invest in clean water solutions to empower people with reliable water, improve sanitation and hygiene practices, and contribute to the local economy through our ceramic filter factory.

Impact Update

Interactive Map & Impact Data

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Field Note #188: Seeing the Full Picture

Volunteer Program Manager Emma Henry recently returned from a volunteer trip to the Dominican Republic. There she had the opportunity to build and distribute filters, as well as follow up with families and individuals that received filters within the past year. Emma wanted the chance to share the whole picture of the Dominican Republic volunteer experience and how every detail is encompassed by a greater impact.

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A Glimpse into the Field


THANK YOU Indiana University East!  We are grateful for your continued support! 

Matt Wagoner