SITE Southeast USA - Wine To Water Impact Report

July - December 2018

From July to December 2018, Wine To Water worked with 55 communities across the globe, including areas in need of disaster relief, such as the Carolina coast after Hurricane Florence. Over 23,388 lives were impacted these past six months as a result of Wine To Water's International Programs, and we could not be more grateful for your support in these accomplishments.

With your partnership, Wine To Water is able to invest in clean water solutions that provide safely managed drinking water and improve sanitation and hygiene practices for thousands of people around the world. From July to December of 2018, our organization distributed 895 Ceramic water filters, built one latrine, conducted four WaSH trainings, and provided 901 Sawyer filters to our partners and offices globally. We have also completed a Commercial Farming training in Raitole, Nepal, which taught 45 individuals sustainable farming techniques so that they can grow off-season crops. The vegetables will be sold locally, providing the farmers with sustainable incomes, and therefore enhancing the local commerce. This is the first Commercial Farming training Wine To Water has conducted and our organization is excited to see the empowerment that will follow for the people of Raitole.

We continue to operate through our core programs in Nepal, the Dominican Republic and Haiti, Colombia, and East Africa. Local partnerships are expanding as we seek to work with individuals and organizations who are committed to the Wine To Water mission - to support life and dignity for all through the power of clean water.

We thank you for becoming a part of that mission with us.

Impact Update

Interactive Map & Impact Data

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Field Note #208: After the Well is Dug

David Cuthbert recently wrote the following article that was published on Philanthropy Journal News.

Read the story here of how our CEO not only came to Wine To Water, but how he learned where the most important work began in solving the Global Water Crisis:

The fact is, the global water crisis is just that, a global problem. But beyond that, it is a HUMAN problem. I have traveled through hundreds of cities, towns, and villages around the world, spent extensive time in people’s homes, and have built lifelong relationships. Through this, I have come to fully understand that the global water crisis needs to be solved as quickly as possible for billions of people, but it can only truly be solved on a deeply personal and personalized level.

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