Chocolate - The Original Energy Bar - 5 pack

Chocolate - The Original Energy Bar - 5 pack

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Community Well Chocolate Bars are designed for the overall wellness of the community. Our chocolate uses 100% raw organic cacao in order to maximize the health benefits from this nutritious plant. Like Wine To Water wine, these chocolates help bring community together to support clean water projects. Find out more here!

                                              Treat Yourself Well

                                         Treat the Community Well

Base Ingredients: RAW Cacao, Coconut Sugar, Arrowroot Powder,  Misquite, Maca, Vannila, Himalayan Salt, Cayenne Pepper
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Community Well Chocolate Bars come in 7 varieties:

The Original Energy Bar: An organic and raw chocolate bar. Infused with vanilla, sweetened with coconut sugar, and spiced with cayenne pepper and Himalayan salt

Coco-Loco: Coconut white chocolate spiced with vanilla and nutmeg

Mocha-Loca: Raw chocolate infused with local Hatchet coffee and cinnamon

Love-Machine: Valentine’s Day inspired chocolate with Egyptian roses and goji berries

Power Crunch: A power packed protein bar (10g) with hempseeds, mulberries, and sunflower seeds

Sugar Free Mint:  This refreshing chocolate bar is 100% sugar free and is “sweetened” with xylitol from the Birch tree and blended with peppermint oil

Earl Gray:  A perfect chocolate bar for a rainy day with a soothing blend of earl gray tea and lavender flowers.